Root Canal Treatment

Within every tooth there is a nerve chamber and a blood supply in the root canal. In a healthy tooth, these nerves will be alive. Front teeth will normally have one root holding them in the jaw bone, but back teeth can have two, three or four.

Root fillings, or root canal treatments, are needed when a large cavity in a tooth reaches the nerve chamber, or in some cases when a tooth breaks.

The decayed nerve needs to be removed and the root space filled. A root filling will often allow you to keep a tooth which would otherwise have to be extracted and replaced with a bridge, denture or implant.

Your dentist at Hadfield Family Dental will use the latest technology to gain access to the pulp chamber of your tooth and clean out the infection.

Root canal treatment often takes several visits to the dentist to complete. A temporary filling allows the tooth to settle before a permanent filling is used to seal the cleaned tooth.